Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use BPBible with the NIV? NKJV? NLT?
Unfortunately, at this time none of these translations are available for BPBible, as the publishers have not given permission for their use. However, there are some modern translations available - for example, the ESV and NET.

Can I use my e-Sword modules in BPBible?
This has been considered. However, legal considerations make it unlikely that we will be able to use e-Sword books in BPBible.

Why don't Hebrew or Arabic display properly?
Currently, right-to-left languages do not display properly due to the underlying technical implementation. (Bug report is at Alternatives are under active development.

Can I view the Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books?
Currently this is not possible, but this functionality is being worked on.

Which Operating Systems does this run on?
BPBible will run on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (in order of ease of installation - Mac OS X being the hardest). Details on how to run on different operating systems are here:

Do you support a Personal Commentary / User Notes?
It is currently possible to make comments on a verse or passage, as well as to create topical notes using the topic management functionality. It is planned to significantly improve this support in future releases. For more information, see the documentation on creating and using user notes in BPBible.

How do I create books for use in BPBible?
Follow the instructions here:

Is it possible to print from BPBible?
At present it is not possible to print from BPBible.
It is planned to add printing support at some point in the future.

Is there a mobile version? an iPod/iPhone version?
No. For Java-capable mobile phones, you could try GoBible (

I have a question that isn't answered here.
Three things you can try:
1. Search on this website for it.
2. Look at the SWORD FAQ (
3. Post a message on the forums.