Changes in BPBible 0.5.1


Made more of the text show on larger screens to make navigation using Page Up and Page Down more smooth.

Bug fixes

Fixed a bug which meant that many verses in some Chinese Bibles would not display if Strong's Numbers were not displayed.

Fixed a bug which meant that the search button would not always default to searching the Bible when BPBible was first started up.

Fixed a bug where the current verse would change when changing versions, even if the current verse was on-screen.

Fixed a bug which meant that BPBible would just display "Loading..." if you went to a verse that didn't exist (like Mark 9:46 in the ESV).

Fixed a bug where BPBible would not let you change how Strong's Headwords were displayed.

UPDATE (12/02/2012): A new build ( has been released to fix the following problems:
BPBible would not start if there were no Bibles installed.

Links between StrongsRealGreek and StrongsRealHebrew caused errors whenever the mouse was over them.