Personal Notes Section

This program has many features, but one that I use in other programs is a note taking section. If this could be visible at all times. Also have a section that is linked to verse so that a personal commentary could be made. I understand the tagging feature and think that it is a great idea for topic but not note, also it is not visible all the time. I would also like the ability to print the notes or commentary notes.

User editable content

I think user editable content is a great idea. Progress on it is tracked at However, as you will see from there it is very unlikely that it will be included in the next release, as we have other more issues that are more important (though less user visible, I'm afraid) to attend to.

In short, it is a high priority addition, but we are still unable to get onto it soon for technical reasons.

Printing commentaries

I have added printing commentaries as another enhancement request (, but think it a much lower priority. From the relevant issue:

I think this is a fairly low priority since there is a reasonable
workaround (copy into another program and print from there). However, it
might be convenient to support printing.

If you can give a very good reason why copying into a separate program wouldn't work for you it might make the priority higher, but we are working with volunteer labour and at present I see many more important things to do.

text edition and printing

Hi I'm a new user of BPBible, using it essentially to prepare messages I have be looking for a while how to activate/display a integrated text editor, and looking for a plug in to download. I've been a bit deceived to find such feature existed. I've then tried to use an external text editor but switching between applications is a bit frustrating and the copy feature requires learning to be familiar with. Integrating a text editor with print facility would I believe increase the utility and overall user experience goal of this fine application

Tie notes to verses

I want to amen this suggestion and also add that it would be nice to scroll the comments with the passage being looked at. That's nice not just for notes but could also serve as a simple translation editor. I work with Paratext for Bible translation and if your editor acted in that way it would essentially have the same basic functions as Paratext.

Re: Tie notes to verses

Thanks for your comment: I will bear it in mind. It sounds like the kind of user editable content I envision could be used for translation editing or commentary creation (though that isn't the principle usage that I design for).

Unfortunately, it will take time :(.

The Word has a good

The Word has a good implementation of this function. I'll admit their software is tempting because it imports (supposedly) from SWORD and Unbound and also has user notes. However, I prefer BPB's interface as cleaner with less quirks and also being tightly integrated with PortableApps.

The Word's user editable content

I last used this when it was in beta, and strongly disliked it. It has improved a lot since then (in particular I think auto-linking references is crucial, and it didn't use to do that). There are still things I don't like about it (as there probably will be in almost any application I use, including BPBible), but a lot of it is similar to what I was planning. I'm a little surprised that it doesn't seem to include basic formatting on comments (bold, italic, etc.) but it could be that I just didn't find it on a quick look.

Latest on this?

Still hoping to see this feature. I'm hoping to use it to build up devotional and exegetical commentaries as well as study notes for Bible students and teachers in Mozambique. As I've mentioned before it could also serve as a basic Bible translation editor.

One thing that impressed me about The Word is that this function was built in and allowed you to comment on a chapter, section or verse. That's quite important for reinforcing good study habits (not looking at isolated verses but considering passages in context.

Bless you guys. I know you're busy.

Latest news

Little or nothing has been done since you last heard, and none is likely to happen soon. Sorry about that.
I agree that considering passages in context is valuable.